Prices 2021


Traditional Mexican Doula

Online Pregnancy + Birth Doula

5000 kr

  • A 3-hour session preparation session (at home or online) where we talk about birth and get your partner ready for supporting you using rebozo and relaxation techniques.

  • Bi-Weekly checkup calls from hiring until the labor starts. I will design personalized tools/activities/handouts for you whenever necessary.

  • Chat/email available before birth during office hours.

  • 24/7 chat/video/call availability during labor; from when you feel the first contractions until 24 hrs after the baby is born.

  • A 2-hour checkup session during the first week after the birth (at home or online) to talk about newborn care, breastfeeding, and mental health care.

Online Postpartum Doula

4000 kr

  • A weekly video call (one-hour session) where you can ask anything and we can have special sessions, for example, I will teach you baby massage, basic postpartum exercise, breastfeeding support, etc.

  • A workbook with activities, advice, and recipes for self-care for after birth.

  • A special care package sent to your home. 

  • 24/7 email/chat support for any questions and concerns you might have.

  • A traditional Mexican closing ceremony at your home any time after the 6 weeks including a special massage, herbal bath, and closing with rebozos. (I will make a COVID-19 test 48 hrs before the date).

All included Online Doula

7500 kr

Integral support from hiring until week 6 postpartum



Rebozo Massage - One session

600 kr

At - home

45 min session and material included

Rebozo Massage Class for couples

1000 kr

At - home

2 hours session and material included

Closing Ceremony

2500 kr

At - home

4 hours session and material included

Welcome Ceremony

1500 kr

At - home

90 minutes session and materials included


Birth Art

Natural Ultrasound

1500 kr

 90 minutes session and all materials included

Birth Story Healing Art Session

1500 kr

 90 minutes session and all materials included


Lactation Counselor

Home Visit

1640 kr

2-hour session and 2 weeks of extra support video call/chat included

Online Session

770 kr

90 minutes session and 2 weeks of extra chat support included


Childbirth Education

One Module

900 kr

Two, Three or Four Modules

20% Discount

Five Modules

3500 kr

Personalized Services

Please contact me if you want me to design a special service for you. I can design rituals for commemorating special occasions and workshops to align with your needs, for example, a workshop for grandparents or a closing ceremony for when your breastfeeding journey ends. 

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