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Step confidently into the beautiful world of parenthood with the workshop: Holistic Newborn Care & Massage.' Thoughtfully designed for you, this 2-hour session offers couples an authentic blend of modern parenting essentials and timeless Mexican traditions. Immerse yourself in the art of nurturing your newborn, focusing on soulful connections and incorporating the soothing practice of baby massage. This workshop is crafted to prepare you for the initial, crucial weeks with your little one, ensuring a harmonious start to your parenting journey.

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What will you learn?

 Explore the following essential topics, each designed to enrich your connection with your newborn:

֍ Soulful Baby Massage: Immerse yourself in the traditional art of baby massage, fostering relaxation and promoting better sleep. Experience an unparalleled bonding opportunity with your little one.

֍ Newborn Essentials List: Assess the necessity of newborn care items and learn how to effectively use those already in your home, aligning with a holistic approach to parenting.

֍ Newborn Neurological Development: Dive into the intricacies of your baby's early brain development, contributing to their overall growth and well-being.

֍ Diaper Changes: Equip yourself with hands-on techniques and tips for efficient and sanitary diaper changes, ensuring a positive experience for both you and your baby.

֍ Gentle Bathing Rituals: Grasp the delicate process of keeping your baby clean, safe, and comfortable during bath times, incorporating nurturing practices into this routine.

֍ Nurturing Healthy Sleep Habits: Cultivate a conducive sleep environment for your baby, fostering restful nights and consistent sleep patterns.

֍ Partner Connection Mastery: Parenthood is a shared journey. Hone tools to strengthen communication with your partner, ensuring a united front as you both embrace this new chapter.

Join me in this transformative workshop, where you'll not only gain essential parenting insights but also forge lasting connections with your newborn. Step confidently into the beautiful world of parenthood – it's a soulful beginning that awaits you and your little one."


At-home workshop

1500 kr

Practical session at your home


Joyful beginnings, lasting bonds.
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"Lili brought her newborn care workshop in the comfort of our home. Without close family around, her session became a crucial resource for learning the essentials of newborn care. She not only answered all our questions but also provided practical guidance, making use of the items we already purchased and suggesting additional necessities. Thanks to her, we felt well-prepared when our baby arrived."

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