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In partnership with Førsthjæ and guided by Toni Mathiasen, we bring to you an invaluable workshop tailored specifically for parents. Launched in 2018, we've empowered numerous parents with essential First Aid techniques, ensuring they have the know-how to handle emergencies involving their babies and toddlers.


About the instructor:
Toni Mathiasen

With a history of teaching First Aid in Denmark since 1986, Toni Mathiasen is a recognized expert in the field, certified by the Danish First Aid Association. His credentials extend beyond the classroom. As an educated senior sergeant and nurse in the Danish Armed Forces Medical Corps, Toni offers a rich blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. Having conducted classes nationwide for various organizations, Toni's expertise is now channeled into this workshop, specially designed for parents.

I have collaborated closely with Toni to craft a First Aid workshop that’s both comprehensive and relatable to parents. Our goal? To equip every parent with the skills to respond promptly and effectively to potential emergencies involving their children and others.

What will you learn?


Emergencies are unpredictable. However, your response to them doesn't have to be. In a critical situation, every minute counts, and knowing what to do can be a life-saver. Here's what our 3-hour class covers:

Understanding the Basics: Grasp the four fundamental points of first aid.

Safety First: Learn to stop the accident and approach the situation safely.

Assessment Skills: Master the art of checking a person's state of consciousness and using the A-B-C System (Airway – Breathing – Circulation).

Respiratory Emergencies: Know how to deal with breathing problems and foreign body obstructions.

CPR Training: Understand the essentials of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

Chain of Survival: Learn the crucial sequence of actions required to treat life-threatening conditions.

The Recovery Position: Get hands-on training in placing someone in the recovery position.

Emergency Communication: Recognize when and how to call emergency services.

Managing Specific Emergencies: Acquire skills to address issues like poisoning, chemical burns, burns and scalds, seizures/convulsions, bleeding, and more.

Psychological First Aid: Understand how to provide mental and emotional support in crises.

Arm yourself with the knowledge and skills to protect your loved ones. This workshop is not just a class; it's an investment in safety and peace of mind. Register today!

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Check out our next date and book your tickets. Be aware of the language, classes are available in English or Danish.

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Embrace serenity through readiness
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"We loved the workshop! Toni, the instructor, was incredibly knowledgeable. He provided just the right amount of information and hands-on practice, leaving us feeling confident about what to do in case of an emergency. Highly recommend it for any parent looking to feel more prepared!"

- Clara
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