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About Me

I am Lili Boesen-Hernandez,
a mexican expat mom

I was born and raised in Central Mexico among incredibly strong women and a caring family. I grew up surrounded by the delicious food, colors, music, and fun of my Latino heritage. 


I have lived in Copenhagen since 2014 

I married a hardworking Danish man and we have two little Vikings. Raising them away from my family has taught me the importance of having a strong support system.

I am a survivor of Perinatal Anxiety and depression, Birth Trauma, and Breastfeeding aversion.. I was able to recover in part by reconnecting with my Mexican roots and finding some answers concerning women´s health. During this process, I became fascinated with the mental and physiological aspects of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. This experience inspired me to help other women.


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My journey

My degrees are in Chemistry, Microbiology and Business management. I worked in the laboratory and as a biotechnology entrepreneurial advisor for more than 10 years before moving to Denmark. From my first pregnancy, I became a "birth and lactation nerd", because it helped me cope with my severe anxiety.  After the first 6 months with my baby, I took the necessary steps to certify as a Lactation Counselor and Postpartum Doula with Childbirth International ®.


I travelled to Mexico to further understand the Mexican birth culture by learning from traditional midwives, family members and other resources. I researched forms of traditional care that were proven useful throughout history. A great example is the rebozo, which is loved by my clients. I have also incorporated other forms of care from various sources in my services including baby massage, babywearing, female herbalism care, anxiety control techniques, and more. 

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