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About Me

I am Lili Boesen-Hernandez,
an expat mom and Doula

I was born and raised in Central Mexico among incredibly strong women and a caring family. I grew up surrounded by the delicious food,  colors, music, and fun of my Latino heritage. 


I have lived in Copenhagen for the past six years

I married a Danish hardworking man and we have two little Vikings. Raising them away from my family has taught me the importance of having people around supporting you.  

I jumped into the Doula world after my first childbirth experience. I am a survivor of Perinatal Anxiety and depression, Birth Trauma, and Breastfeeding aversion.. Part of my healing process included my reconnection with my Mexican traditions regarding woman health and my fascination with the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum process from a physiological and mental perspective. 

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The experience of being away from everything I knew and trust, and understanding the ways of my adopted country regarding its birth culture made me value, even more, the importance to balance both worlds when supporting women on their own birth journeys. 

Becoming a Doula

As a background, I am a Chemist + Microbiologist and a Master in Business Management. I worked in the laboratory and as a biotechnology entrepreneurial advisor for more than 10 years before moving to Denmark. From my first pregnancy, I became a "birth and lactation nerd", because it helped me to cope with my severe anxiety.  After the first 6 months with my baby, I took the necessary steps to certify as a Lactation Counselor and Postpartum Doula with Childbirth International ®. I also traveled to Mexico and start digging more and more into the Mexican Birth culture learning from amazing traditional midwives, and from my grandmother, aunts, and every book and person I could talk with about it. Little by little I being researching from the traditional care what was proven to be useful, for example, the use of the rebozo, to offer a safe approach for my clients. I am taking many different courses and assist to live and online conferences in many different topics including baby massage, babywearing, herbology, the microbiome in infants, postpartum care in different cultures, and many more. ​ I am currently finishing my certifications as Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator with Childbirth International ®, as I paused them because of my pregnancy. 

Am I the right Doula for you?

I specialize in parents that are looking for a more organic/holistic support but still want scientifically proven information. I have also experience working with mothers with high anxiety and partners who are not sure how to help the mother. I focus my energies on create a great team for you and whoever you want to be involved in the process. 

My Training

Immigrant in Denmark and Mother of two amazing sons

Birth Doula* │ Childbirth International

Traditional Mexican Midwifery "The Art of Birth" Program* │ Naoli vinaver

Postpartum Doula │ Childbirth International


Lactation Counselor │ Childbirth International

Childbirth Educator* │ Childbirth International

Traditional Mexican Rebozo Massage │ Traditional Mexican Midwife

Guadalupe Trueba

Baby-Carrying training for healthcare professionals. Babywearing consultant │ Die Trageschule

Shantala Baby Massage and Basic Baby Massage │ Mexican Association

of Therapeutic Massage Professionals

Maternal Mental Health │ Postpartum Support International

Reclaim the Postpartum │ Layla B. Doula

Traditional Mayan Herbology for Women and Postpartum │ Traditional Mexican Herbologist Emilia Yolotzintli 

Tongue Tie Symposium 2020 │ Gold Lactation

*In Process of certification