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Discover the Ancient Mexican Art of Relaxation & Bonding with Rebozo Massage

The rebozo, an iconic piece of Mexican heritage, is more than just a traditional cloth that represents our national identity. Here in Denmark, I am proud to use this age-old practice through my Mexican heritage. I bring with me the wisdom of traditional Mexican doulas and the women of my family straight from the heart of Mexico.

What is Rebozo Massage?

In the serene landscapes of Mexican communities, skilled traditional Midwives use the rebozo, draping it over their hands, to offer mothers a unique massage experience. This gentle yet effective massage technique not only provides deep relaxation but also carries numerous benefits for both mother and baby:

֍ Relief from Pain & Discomfort: Experience alleviation from back pains and general unease common during pregnancy.

֍ Anxiety Control: Feel a wave of serenity before and after giving birth, preparing you mentally and emotionally.

֍ Baby Positioning: The gentle movements during the massage can encourage your baby into the right position for a smoother birth.

֍ Post-birth Relaxation: Post-birth, this massage acts as a wonderful tonic for muscle relaxation, further enhancing the bonding experience.

֍ Lactation & Mood Support: Not only can the massage stimulate lactation, but it also plays a key role in warding off postpartum depression.

Dive into a world of relaxation with a traditional Mexican doula, here in Denmark.

Experience the ancient wisdom and comforting hands of someone deeply rooted in this invaluable tradition.

Gift yourself or a loved one a moment of tranquility, easing the journey of motherhood.

Why Choose Rebozo Massage?

My service is more than just a massage; it’s a cultural experience, a blend of the rich Mexican traditions and the modernity of Denmark, all delivered through the skilled hands of our traditional doula. Bring home the essence of Mexico and treat yourself to the multifaceted benefits of the Rebozo Massage.

Check out this blog post to learn more about the history and uses of the Mexican rebozo.


Massage session: 700 kr (VAT included)

One hour of rebozo relaxing massage and aromatherapy

Love from clients

From Celeste - As Argentinian mom

I highly recommend the rebozo massage ✨ Lili is a very sweet person and has great skills and knowledge of this technique and many others. I finished my massage super relaxed and feeling so good! It was a great experience!

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