Traditional Mexican Birth Doula

I offer various levels of support before and during birth. I utilize Mexican techniques combined with modern techniques, including mindfulness, hypnosis for birth, acupressure and coping mechanisms for emotional and physical stress. 

What do I do as your doula?

I become your personal birth coach for the last part of your pregnancy. We talk once a week and work on fear releasing, pain management, and other topics you might want to know more about. I will bring the rebozo, my camera, and other support items with me to offer you the support you need during birth. After the birth, you will get specialized breastfeeding support for the first 48 hrs and a special session to help you with newborn care basics and help with the first days' anxiety. 

IMPORTANT: Due to personal health issues I will offer online support only until further notice

Mamma Paty - Pregnancy/Online Doula Package

  • Four checkup calls from week 35 - Online sessions

  • Birth plan design - A PDF document with professional design. 

  • One rebozo massage session at your home.

  • A 3-hour couple´s preparation session with rebozo massage and relaxation techniques for use during the last weeks.

  • Chat/video call available 24/7 during birth in case you need guidance and reassurance.

  • A 2-hour checkup session during the first week after the birth to talk about newborn care, breastfeeding, and mental health care.

Price: 6250 kr (VAT included)

(Option to pay in 2 instalments)

For online support, I offer a special discount if you do not live in Denmark.

Please contact me for more information. 

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