Traditional Mexican Postpartum Doula

I am there for you when you become a mother and use my Mexican traditional care to honour you and celebrate your new journey into motherhood. I will do it the way Mexican women have done it for centuries. I become part of your tribe and guide you to connect your body and mind after the birth journey. 

Your care is centered on ancient traditions, as well as evidence-based information.

What do I do as a Mexican traditional postpartum doula?

- Postpartum massage with the rebozo

- Mexican belly binding

- Baby Massage based on Shantala (from India) and Rebozo 

- Vaginal streaming safe protocols and herbal mix.

- Herbal baths (I bring the bathtub)

- Birth healing reflective sessions with rebozo massage.

- Closing Ceremony "Cerrada" (read below)

- Mexican mom advice for newborn care (safe babywearing, natural remedies for caring for your baby, healthy sleep techniques, etc.)

If you want to learn details about these services please send me a message.

Mamma Lupita - Traditional postpartum care

  • 8 hours of Daytime Doula support* (During the first 40 days)It can be used for anything from the list above. Together we create a caring package to alternate the activities according to your needs. For example, belly binding is very effective the first 20 days, but not so much afterwards.  

  • A special care package with herbal remedies for healing your body.

  • Breastfeeding support.

  • Email/chat support for any questions and concerns you might have.

  • A traditional Mexican closing ceremony at your home any time after the 6 weeks including a special massage, herbal bath (including a portable bathtub), and closing with rebozos.

*No cleaning or babysitting services (for newborns or siblings) are provided. Postpartum support is provided within business hours. 

Price: 6,000 kr (VAT included)

Combine it with a doula package and get a special discount.

Mexican Closing Ceremony - Cerrada

In Mexico, we honor the first 40 days after birth as a period called "La cuarentena". During this period, the mother is taken care of by the women of her family. After this time there is a special ceremony called "La cerrada" (The closing) that welcomes the mother into her new life and offers relaxation to the body and mind. 

The closing ceremony is 4-hours long and it includes a special body massage, a herbal bath (In a portable bathtub if you do not have one),  and a "closing the bones" special rebozo massage to comfort and contain. 


Close family, friends, and the partner are welcome to this ceremony to help the mother with the baby and honor her. 

Price: 2500 kr (VAT included)

Mexican Doula (one service)

  • It can be used for any of the activities listed in "What I do as a traditional doula"

Price: 750 kr per individual service (VAT included)

Except for the Closing Ceremony.

Book more than 3 hours of support and get a discount.

This cannot be used for individual breastfeeding support.

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