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Also known as "Closing Ceremony" or "Closing the Bones Ceremony," this ceremony will make you step into a transformative journey of motherhood, anchored in the rich traditions of ancient Mexico. As Mexican legends narrate, a birthing mother becomes a celestial portal, welcoming a pristine life. For 40 days, symbolized as "La cuarentena," she cherishes this bond, providing nourishment and unwavering love.

The ceremony lasts approximately 4 hours and promises a holistic embrace – an exquisite body massage, a soul-soothing herbal bath (we can provide a portable tub if needed), and the traditional "rebozo massage", ensuring comfort and containment.

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What does it includes?

The "Closing Ceremony" for mothers is a symbolic rite of passage, marking a pivotal moment in the postpartum journey. It's a dedicated time for renewal, recentering, and embracing the evolved spirit. This intentional ritual allows mothers to reconnect with their essence, acknowledging the transformative nature of their experience and fostering self-care. The ceremony includes: 

֍ Traditional Cacao Drink: Indulge in a specially crafted cacao drink using my family's recipe, designed to nourish mothers' bodies and support lactation.

֍ Therapeutic Massage: Reconnect with your body through a soothing massage experience with my exclusive herbal oil. 

֍ Herbal Bath: Discover solace in a unique blend of herbs and meditation, restoring balance and strength.

֍ Closing with Rebozos: Experience a profound embrace, marking your transition into motherhood.


The Closing Ceremony is my most cherished service, and I offer more than just a step-by-step process. It's a holistic journey for your mind and body. Because you receive the guidance of a knowledgeable Mexican doula, every detail is adjusted just for you based on your specific needs. Let's create something truly special together! 


At-home Ceremony

2600 kr

Up to 4 hrs

All included: Cacao, Herbs, a portable bathtub, and rebozos

Reserve at least 14 days in advance

Embrace Motherhood with Heart and Heritage
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"I highly recommend Lili's services. After giving birth, I engaged her for a Closing Ceremony, an experience that's truly beyond words.

This ceremony has Mexican roots and is designed to help process the birth experience and reconnect with our bodies and selves.

Lili meticulously follows each step of the ritual, ensuring comfort and care throughout. Additionally, she is an attentive listener, helping you navigate and process any challenging parts of the birth experience.

She also offers a soothing massage and uses rebozos to provide a comforting embrace. I would recommend this experience to all postpartum mothers."

- Lorena
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