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5 Ways to celebrate your new role as a mother

What comes to mind when you hear the word "Postpartum"? If you're like many, the immediate association might be with postpartum depression. A quick search reveals that many individuals equate the term “postpartum” with the blues that can follow childbirth.

However, let's set the record straight: postpartum refers to the period starting from childbirth and lasting up to a year. It encompasses not just the birthing parent but the entire family unit, as everyone adjusts to the presence of the new baby.

Yet, when scrolling online, you'll likely encounter countless images and content focusing on post-birth body transformations. From the moment pregnancy is confirmed, many are inundated with advertisements promoting the ideal post-birth physique.

It's Time to Shift the Narrative.

Mothers are incredible. The postpartum stage is a testament to their resilience, strength, and transformative capabilities. It's time to move past society's preoccupation with the superficial and delve into the true essence of motherhood. Let’s put the spotlight on the joy, the challenges, the depth of emotion, and the profound transition that marks this phase.

Mother's Day is wonderful, but it's only one day a year. Throughout history and across cultures, the transition to motherhood has been marked by rituals and ceremonies. From communal support to nutritious meals and special attire, mothers were celebrated and cherished. Today, many of these traditions have faded, viewed as outdated or unnecessary. Yet, the need for acknowledgment and support remains as vital as ever.

Celebrate Your Journey into Motherhood

The initial weeks post-birth are transformative. It's a period to bond with your child and adapt to your evolving identity. Embrace this time. Rest, eat well, lean on loved ones, and prioritize self-care. Once you feel ready, take a moment to truly celebrate your journey.

  1. Express Through Art: Document your feelings and experiences creatively, be it through painting, photography, or any other medium that speaks to you.

  2. Body Pampering: Schedule a massage for some post-birth relaxation. Anticipate your needs and set reminders so that you don’t forget.

  3. Host a ‘Postpartum Party’: Enlist a friend or relative to help organize a gathering to celebrate YOU. The focus should be on pampering the parents, not just showering the baby with gifts.

  4. Rediscover Traditional Rituals: Engage with elders or research online to learn about your culture's motherhood traditions. Adapt those that resonate with you, and make them a part of your journey.

  5. Embrace the Mexican Tradition: As a traditional Mexican Doula, I'm well-versed in the many ways we honor new mothers. Our practices, like herbal baths, rebozo massages, and delectable cuisines, aim to rejuvenate and nurture mothers during the crucial initial days. Check out my Closing ceremony!

In conclusion, the postpartum stage is not merely a period to 'get through'. It's a significant chapter in life, one that merits recognition and celebration. We must champion a more compassionate, holistic view of this phase, celebrating growth, healing, and transformation.

Why? Simply put, mothers deserve it.


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