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I am Lili, your Doula

My goal is to respect,

guide, listen, and support 

new families on their birth

and postpartum journeys.

Mexican Doula and Lactation Counselor

Home Visits and Online services 

Copenhagen, Denmark

A balance between the modern and the traditional

I am a passionate Birth Keeper honoring my Mexican heritage by using some traditional midwifery/doula techniques which have proven to be successful when supporting future and new mothers and combining them with evidence-based information to design unique services for families.  

Services specially designed for




Love From Clients

I do recommend Lili as a postpartum doula!

She helped me very much. I was about to drop breastfeeding because of the huge pain which I was suffering every time when the baby would breastfeed. But Lili with her knowledge and positive approach helped me to solve this problem!

I enjoyedtalking with her about my birth experience and with ancient Mexican rituals she helped me to get rid of any regrets and bad emotions which I had after giving birth.


Diana - Expat Mom

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