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You are enough,
You are strong,
and You are not alone.

I will support your motherhood journey and parenting philosophy.

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Lactaction Consultant & Rebozo Specialist
in Copenhagen, Denmark

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A balance between  modern and traditional

I honor my heritage by combining some traditional Mexican doula techniques with evidence-based information to provide unique services for my clients.

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Am I the right doula for you?

I specialize in working with parents who are looking for more organic/holistic support but still want evidence - based information. I have also experience working with mothers with high anxiety and partners who are not sure how to help the mother. I focus my energy on creating a great team for you and whoever you want to be involved in the process. 

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Breastfeeding Support

If you want to get ready for breastfeeding or you are having some difficulties with it I can help. During my sessions, we will talk about the breastfeeding basics, identify the challenges, and find solutions that align with your parenting philosophy. 

My main goal is for you to enjoy your breastfeeding journey on your own terms.

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Mexican Rebozo

The rebozo is a Mexican craft used for centuries to support mothers before, during, and after birth. It relieves pain, helps control anxiety, and encourages bonding. 

I offer the rebozo massage, but I also can teach you and your birth partner how to do it so you can enjoy its benefits at any time. I also use it to perform a traditional Mexican Closing Ceremony, a beautiful way to welcome you into motherhood. 

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I work with different professionals to create workshops that will truly help you navigate your parenting journey. The "First Aid for parents" class has been a great success in our community.

If you have an idea of what you would like to learn about, send me a message and I can create a personalized experience for you. 

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Next Workshop

 First Aid Workshop For Parents - April 2023
23 Apr, 09:00
Vesterbro Bibliotek - Room 2.2 Peter

Love from clients

From Aiko - Mexican Mom living in Denmark

I highly recommend Lili. She's a very professional, empathetic and trustworthy. We got to work together through my pregnancy and postpartum. I got lots of information and mostly a lot of emotional support, that is something that I really appreciate and keep deep in my heart.

​She helped me to regain my self-esteem and confidence that I got the power and ownership of my pregnancy. During birth, I thought and did a lot of the technics she taught me and felt empowered to take decisions on my own. We worked online because I live in another city so every week we made video calls. Regarding that, she's flexible.

The information about breastfeeding is really good. Though it was my second pregnancy it was really helpful, especially after a traumatizing experience with my firstborn.

I can say with confidence that she's a special person.

From Christa - A Danish mom

Lili has great skills and knowledge of a lot of different and really useful areas that are different from what you normally get presented with by the Danish system. My partner and I took a combined pre-birth course that covered rebozo, general care of the baby, awareness of postpartum depression, and breastfeeding. it was great to find a course that combined an introduction to all of this instead of having to take separate ones. especially the rebozo helped us a lot. we used it in the weeks up until giving birth which helped the baby to go down and fit in the right position. we also used it during birth and contractions. After my birth, my partner gave me a closing ceremony with Lili where I could talk through the birth and go through the very relaxing closing ceremony. So partners, great idea for your new Mama. Overall Lili is very flexible and accommodating to your needs which is great to experience!!

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From Celeste: An Argentinian mom living in Denmark

I highly recommend the rebozo massage Lili is a very sweet person and has great skills and knowledge of this technique and many others. I finished my massage super relaxed and feeling so good! It was a great experience!

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