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Logo Førstehjæ

Førstehjælp. nu by Toni Mathiesen

Services in English and Danish

Toni organizes First Aid classes for private and public organizations. We have worked together to design a First Aid Workshop for parents since 2018.

Logo Rebozo Copenhagen

Rebozo Copenhagen by Adriana Barri

Services in English, Spanish and Danish.

If you want to have a beautiful hand-made Mexican rebozo, contact Adriana. We work together to spread the Rebozo knowledge in Denmark.

Logo Peperina Magenta

Artist Peperina Magenta

Services in Spanish and English.

Peperina is a collage artist whose artwork inspires femininity and empowerment. We work together to provide mothers with an artistic outlet when necessary.

Logo Pelvic Flow

Pelvic Flow by Tania Ramos

Services in Spanish and English.

I always recommend Tania to my clients, because she is an extraordinary pelvic floor physiotherapist. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate. 

Logo The Tasty Rainbow

The Tasty Rainbow by Ludovica Ibba

Services in Italian and English.

Ludovica is an amazing nutritionist, who can help you have a healthier diet with the weaning transition with your baby. She is very knowledgeable about baby weaning and very helpful with ideas for delicious meals.

Logo Body Wisdom

Body Wisdom by Fiona Smith

Services in English, Spanish  and Danish

Fiona supports women with Body therapy and Somatic Experiencing Trauma therapy. She is excellent at supporting women in case they have experienced birth-related trauma or other types of trauma that might be affecting their motherhood journey. Fiona has a very calming nature and will guide you with patience and empathy.

Logo Forretning For Danske Fødselsfotografer

Forrening for Danske Fødselsfotografer

Services in Danish and English.

I am a founding member of the Danish Birth Photographers association. I believe having amazing photos of your motherhood journey are totally worth it. Unfortunately, I do not offer this service anymore but I can recommend any of their members to help you.

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