A Childbirth Education for Anxious Parents

I have designed this childbirth education with special emphasis on anxiety control and with an extra touch of how a Mexican Doula will care for you during your pregnancy, birth, and after birth.


All the information given is evidence-based and I only include the traditional techniques that have been proven to be safe for parents and babies.

The complete program includes 6 modules:

1. A brief story of Birth and the challenges ahead

2. Birth Pain explained and how to cope with it

3. Your birth, your way - Birth plan design session

4. Breastfeeding with confidence

5. La cuarentena - The First forty days and the challenges of becoming a parent.


6. The first week with your baby - the basics of newborn care

You get 12+ hours of curated anxiety-free content.

Decide the best setup for you:


2-hour classes in 6 weeks (6 times)

(Via zoom or at home)

3 sessions of 4 hours

(can alternate via zoom or at home)

2 sessions of 6 hours

(with 2 weeks in between - at home only)

Or just one module as an individual session for the topic you are more interested in learning. (zoom or at home)


- Extra information/media content accessible through my website.

- A workbook with reflective activities and ideas to prepare for birth.

- Q&A via email

Price per module at home: 1250 kr

Price per module online: 850 kr

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