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During the past years working as a Postpartum Doula in Copenhagen I had the honor of meeting incredible and strong mothers and listening to their histories. I am passionate about supporting women welcoming motherhood and follow up on their journeys. I am also a mom of two amazing sons and both of my Postpartum experiences were so different from each other and taught me how strong we are as women. The most difficult part of my journey was being away from my homeland, family, and friends, and not having someone beside me for guidance and reassurance, at least the first time!

I have been thinking for a while now that we are missing a space to talk about Postpartum, its challenges, and its blessing while listening to local experts on the topic. Most of the information we get is from abroad where the culture and experiences are very different and sometimes it is difficult to feel identified. 

That is why in spring 2021 I launched the very first “Copenhagen Postpartum Summit”! which was a 3-day online event where we talked all about Postpartum!

If you missed it, or you want to watch the interviews again, keep reading!

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The three mantras of the Copenhagen

Postpartum Summit

By watching the videos you will learn:

Delicious recipes to keep yourself strong during  the first days with your baby

Why you should learn to connect with your body before going back to the gym


Keeping a healthy pelvic floor makes all the difference

Identify what is normal and what is not to feel after the baby is born

How to use art as a way to heal your soul when necessary

Deal with the challenges of having a baby as an older mom

Hear other mom´s stories and how they cope with the postpartum challenges

How to stay strong during postpartum by connecting with other women and build your tribe

How to honour your motherhood journey


Here are the amazing experts

that are joining me at the summit !

I am not alone in this!


The Tasty Rainbow

What to eat to keep up the energy during the first postpartum days

Ludovica Ibba

My name is Ludovica Ibba, I am a nutritionist and The Tasty Rainbow was created with the aim of offering a safe space for adults and children where it is possible to achieve a balanced and joyful relationship with food.

I am qualified in the method “Oral sensory sequential approach (S.O.S) to food therapy” which is the foundation of my work with children and babies. Previously I obtained a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition at the University of Copenhagen and a Master’s Degree in Public Health Nutrition at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

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Mehrnoush is a mom of two girls aged 3 and 8. Shes is also the owner of Fit Barsel.  She is passionate about bridging the gap between pregnancy, birth, and fitness. She helps pregnant and postpartum women return to the exercises or athletic performances they love whether it is running, keeping up with their kids, gymnastics, yoga or crossfit.  She does this by training and educating women about their new body and teaching them how to listen to their body´s needs during exercise and how to accomplish their goals with a deep respect for their new body.

Fit Barsel

Connecting with your postpartum body


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Pelvic Flow

Mind your Pelvic Floor

Tania Ramos

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Tania is a physiotherapist, proud of her feminist, body-positive and LGBTQ + friendly attitude and does not fear taboos.

She specializes in physiotherapy and holds a master´s degree in The Integral Approach of the Pelvic Floor from the University of Madrid.

Since we all have a pelvic floor and tend to forget about it until we experience problems with it, Tania is not only interested in treatment methods but also preventive treatments.

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Experienced psychologist and psychotherapist. Natively Spanish, residing in Denmark, offering therapy in English and Spanish to an international community. Expat mother. Cross-cultural family.  Cristina has been fortunate to gain extensive international experience having worked in England, Ireland, Alger, Spain and Denmark, which has hugely broadened her competences and expertise as an international and multicultural therapist. After graduating from Universidad Complutense de Madrid- (Spain) in 2011 with a CAND PSYCH in psychology (BA+MSc in Clinical & Social Psychology); she studied another postgraduate master course (MSc) in Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy. She is an Authorised in Denmark by Psykolognævnet (Autoriseret Psykolog). 

Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Postpartum Mental Health

Cristina Montoro

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I am an Argentinian-Italian collage artist. I grew up between the colors and papers of my architect father and my grandmother's fabrics, wool and fashion magazines, which were my greatest inspiration. I lived in Mexico for a year, where I received the greatest influence in my work, through the combination of bright colors and textures, representative of Mexican culture. And it was in this place where Peperina Magenta (my artistic name) was born and I decided to become a Graphic Artist. My style is inspired by love, fantasy and desire, which I consider to be the engine of my life. Love and art are personal expressions, difficult to explain in words. Through my art I want to express love, pure and unique. I want to express my feelings in all my works with contrasting and bright colors. I want to express true love with real woman. Beautiful, like love surrounded by happiness and brightness. My goal is for people to feel butterflies in their stomachs, love at first sight, when they appreciate my art.

Collage Artist

Healing birth trauma through art  

Peperina Magenta (Carolina Fantozzi)

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Becoming a mother after 35

Fiona Smith

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Fiona is a body therapist specialising in ante and post-natal Thai massage and Myofascial Release Therapy, and a Women's Confidence Coach, with a focus on working with women in midlife. Motherhood and (peri)-Menopause are two incredibly important transitions in a woman's life and more and more, they are coming closer together with a much higher number of women having children later in life. I provide the physical, emotional and practical support and education women need to feel confident in their bodies, their minds and their hearts during these crucial phases of life.

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The Lovely Haze of  Baby Days

Lindsay Kellar - Madsen

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Lindsay Kellar-Madsen is a writer, business developer, and mother to four young children. Originally from southwestern Ontario, she currently lives with her family in the Danish countryside where they explore, go on adventures, and thrive in their everyday chaos. The Lovely Haze of Baby Days is Lindsay's first book, published in tribute to motherhood and the chaos of life with babies.

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Mexican Traditional Doula

The importance of planning for Postpartum

Lili Hernandez-Boesen  

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I am a Traditional Mexican Doula and Lactation Counselor. I am the mother of two and I am currently living in Copenhagen. I specialized in supporting new parents with anxiety using a combination of traditional Mexican doula care and evidence-based anxiety management tools and information. 

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Nourishing Nature

Special Guest

Georgina Brøndal

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Georgina Brøndal grew up in the UK, and has lived in various countries. For the past decade, she has lived in Copenhagen, running her own business and parenting her two spirited children together with her partner. As a hypnotherapist, she chose to birth both her children at home as HypnoBirthing babies. Through her work involving essential oils, Reiki, psychotherapy and coaching, Georgina offers help and support during the transition into parenthood. Mindfulness, presence and balance are of the highest importance for Georgina (both in her private life as a wife, mother and friend, and also in her work) and they are never more important than during the post-partum period.

Every morning Georgina will offer a 5-min meditation and some advice

on how to cope and relax during the first days. 

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