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Mexican Closing Ceremony - Cerrada


In Mexico, we honor the first 40 days after birth as a period called "La cuarentena". During this period, the mother is taken care of by the women of her family. After this time there is a special ceremony called "La cerrada" (The closing) that welcomes the mother into her new life and offers relaxation to the body and mind. 

The closing ceremony is 4-hours long and it includes a special body massage, a herbal bath (In a portable bathtub if you do not have one),  and a "closing the bones" special rebozo massage to comfort and contain. 


Close family, friends, and the partner are welcome to this ceremony to help the mother and honor her. 

Price: 2500 kr (VAT included)

Birth Art - In collaboration with Artist Peperina Magenta

Natural Ultrasound

A special session during the third trimester when we talk about what to expect after birth, we make a special rebozo massage and meditation. We locate how the baby is positioned and we create a beautiful paint for you to cherish.

In the end, you will get a professional portrait in an elegant frame (13x18 cm)

It is a perfect opportunity to bond with the baby and creates memories as a family.  

Price: 1500 kr (VAT included)

Birth Story Healing & Art Session

A very special session where we will make a special rebozo massage and meditation about what happened during birth. We will guide you through a reflective talk and you will be able to express your feelings by creating a beautiful collage/paint with the professional guidance of the artist Pepperina Magenta.


This session is recommended in case you had a bad experience during birth (or before), but of course it can be done to celebrate motherhood.

Price: 1500 kr (VAT included)

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