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New Parents Bootcamp

In this 2.5-hour session for couples, you will get the chance to learn and get some practice about:

- Best ways to take care of the mother after birth.

- Breastfeeding positions and latching.

- How to know if you are producing enough milk and how to adjust your milk production.

- How to spot basic breastfeeding problems and how to solve them.

- How to change a diaper and give a bath to your baby.

- Newborn sleep basics.

This is an interactive class, where couples will learn how to support and care for each other during the first weeks of their baby´s life. 

You will get 6 months of access to my VIP resources, with extra information videos, recommendations, and more to help with your parenting journey. 

Price: Private session at your home 1450 kr (VAT included).

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